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What's Your Mobile Style?

Stick and Move



Place the corner of the device into the palm of your hand in your favorite position.


Drape your fingers over the back of your device and pull them back slightly to a comfortable position.


Ensure your device is clean and dry. Peel the Velcro from the grip and set aside. 


Remove adhesive backing on the Velcro and adhere it to your device so the grip will be centered. 


Place the grip, adjust for comfort and enjoy!

Quick Note: We recommend using this product with a protective mobile device case. If you choose to add  Velcro  directly to your device as some of us do, note that any residue remaining will come off easily with a goo remover. The adhesive on the Velcro  patch is very versatile and works on most surfaces but, may not adhere well to certain silicone cases.   

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