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About Us

The Digit Grip brand is about youth and energy as well as age and wisdom whether at home, work or play. We are Small Business with a big vision to develop products that bridge the gap between innovation and simplicity. Our aim is to make mobile life more accessible, convenient and comfortable while maintaining our commitment to excellence, integrity and service to the global community. We strive to be the company that you look forward to doing business with. Thank you and please feel free to contact us with any questions.  

Our Movie


Great For All Ages


Stops Drops

Increases Confidence

Great for Texting, Surfing, Reading, Exercising, and Taking Pictures 

Makes large devices feel smaller 

Fits Virtually All Devices

Design Your Own


The Digit Grip is the first and most ergonomically natural and comfortable grip available on the market today.  It allows the user to Put Any Mobile Device into the Palm of Your Hand and aids in holding larger devices such as plus size phones and tablets. It makes larger devices feel smaller and more manageable.







The Digit Grip is universally fit and great for surfing, texting, reading, playing games, flying drones, video chatting and selfies. It adds a soon-to-be realized convenience for anyone who uses a mobile device whether at home, work or play. The Digit Grip may also help some of those with conditions that affect the hands access mobile devices easier and with more confidence.



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